Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Our topic today is to talk about a topic from someone in the class, and the topic Im going to talk about is the online shopping presentation. As a guy with a lot of technology, I do a lot of online shopping, and its actually not healthy. I like to online shop more because its more convenient, like Amazon has everything I need; food, clothes, really anything. But with online shopping they stated that there are cons with it. They said that you cant try anything on when you online shop, but Amazon added a fitting option to their site. Online shopping is just another way of disintermediation, taking out the middle man, which is the cashier at the shopping center. For me, I like to get pants in real stores because a lot of pants have different material, and a 40 at one store, can be a 42 at another store. So, I like to try on my pants before I buy them. Usually shirts, and any type of top, even shoes usually come in the same size, so I can buy those online. I have Amazon Prime too, so everything I buy comes in 2 days for free which is very very very nice. They talked about cookies, where Amazon code reviews our search, and makes recommendations to see what we want to buy later on. For example, at the end of the purchase, it shows some stuff that you should buy before you finish. Overall, pants are the best to buy in stores, and everything else ONLINE.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


AI is such a great topic to talk about because its going to happen in at least 5 years. AI is going to take over everyday tasks, and they are going to put humans out of jobs. They are going to be programmed to walk, talk, and work exactly like humans. I would only want AI if its for easy everyday tasks. I wouldn’t want AI’s to take people out of jobs, because people without high school degrees have a limited amount of jobs they can apply for. Amazon is already taking people out of jobs, with Amazon Grocery. Amazon Grocery is letting people not have to go through a cash register, and can buy groceries online. AI is going to be close to that. They are going to keep cash registers, but the cashier is going to be a robot instead of a human. The closest AI we have right now thats easy to get, is Alexa, Google Home, etc. The home robots are the closest AI we have because they can respond and you can have a conversation with them. It’s actually crazy how all of this works because just imagine the code, the time, and the work behind Alexa, and Siri. Its probably a lot of coding, and a lot of voice lines for the actors to say.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


We watched a movie about starting a technology business, and how to work within a business. The movie we watched was a movie called, and its a great documentary about 3 guys who created a website. The 3 guys created a website / business for traffic tickets called, and this visual crew followed them around for a year to see what they do. I honestly like this movie because it shows how one person can go insane from money, and not remember who was with them throughout the whole time. Kaleil was the one who went crazy over the money he had; he cheated on his girlfriend, he kicked the co-owner out of the company, and he was so into the money, that he forgot to upgrade his security, and got his computer stolen. I get it, Tom wasn’t that much help to the company compared to Kaleil, but he should have knew that before he asked him to be a co-owner for a website company. It’s really funny because he got arrested for fraud later on in a new company he made after I feel like when someone makes a company, they need to look at different views before he created it, like if your company doesn’t do anything, or if your company becomes a billion dollar company, you have to have different perspectives. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Wish I was there

So I believe the topic was suppose to be about the speaker that came in on Wednesday, but I had some personal events happening, so I couldn’t come to class, but I will talk about what I did this past weekend. This past weekend, I went to a gaming convention in San Jose called Twitch Con, and it was such a great experience. Just leaving to a different state, and relaxing for a whole weekend was really great, but the biggest reward from the whole trip was getting to meet my best friend again. I haven’t seen her for 6 months, and we talk mostly everyday, but getting to see her in real life was amazing. Besides getting to spend time with her, the actual convention was really fun. They had different technology companies, clothing brands, and even smaller, not trending companies there, which helped them get their company started. 

There were a bunch of gaming events happening also, that was pretty cool. They had different tournaments, places to actually play, and if anyone knows about Fortnite, a GIANT shed just dedicated for Fortnite. You can also get to meet your favorite Twitch streamers since Twitch is a streaming website. I just went around to different companies and help my best friend out most of the time, but most of the fun was outside the convention, because we went to an arcade, and bowling place everyday we were there, and it was so fun. I am going to do this every year because it’s something that could start a tradition with anyone who goes.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Research Topic

So my topic that was assigned today was about what do I want to do my research on for the final, and how am I going to work on it. So, I love technology, I try to keep up with the latest tech and I try to keep up with the news on it too. I know multiple topics I can research on, but the main topic I like the most, is how communication is evolving within multiple services. It started off as land phones, then it went into cellphone calling, then it kept evolving into social media, and now most of every social company has calling. Skype used to be the biggest voice communication on the web, then Discord ran them out of business, now Skype is only used for business meetings, etc. Facebook added calling on messenger, and then snapchat added calling, then other social medias are adding calling, to make it affordable for people who use minutes on their phone. 

My research will be on who uses those social media calling, and is it helping and who is it helping. I would have to do a lot of research on what people use, I might do surveys on a random sample if that will do any help. I would have to go through all ages maybe on a google forms page, and collect all of the data to make my paper, and present it to the class. This topic is really good because sometimes companies can copy another company and be successful or it was just a waste of time.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Journalism dying?

So the topic today was “ What is Journalism?”, and the answer to that according to Merriam-Webster is “ the collection and editing of news for presentation through the media”. But the real question should be where is journalism and is journalism dying? I would say from what I see is that journalism can be on any topic in any subject, but the most I see journalism focused on is the political side of the United States. CNN, Fox News, and even new sites on facebook have a lot of topics but the most news on a topic is within politics. In politics, news/media is so important because it lets the people know whats happening with politics and the candidate running for office. If we had to go back then a decade ago, journalism was released through newspapers and many physical ways, but now since technology is advancing dramatically, all of the news is brought to our phones and websites. I would say that journalism with newspapers is dying, but journalism through social media, or any online way is still the same. Maybe, the news getting through children is dying, because students don’t know anything about politics till they are seniors ( if they take AP Government ) or if they are freshman in college. I didn’t know about how politics worked, and I didn’t even start looking at the news till I was a senior because I didn’t know anything about it, and I didn’t even know how it worked. News in general doesn’t get through the minds of kids still in grade school, and I think teachers should start teaching about politics at an early age, it doesn’t even have to be the difficult side, but it should be an understanding about it. That would help journalism get bigger within different age groups, and get bigger through the world. 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Webpage creation

If I’m going to be honest, making this webpage was so difficult. That paper with all of the steps excluded a lot of important pieces to wrap the webpage together. And when you forget about some pieces, the webpage is just a page with all the commands you typed out. So, it was just a lot of trial and error to get the right commands to set up the page.

Since I do all of my college work on my MacBook, I used Safari to test my html document, and it kept putting my commands on screen, but not putting what I wanted. I did everything on the paper, but it just kept coming out differently. After 3 trials I just went online to see if I am doing anything wrong, and it was the format of my text editor. The paper with instructions wasn’t as important, but it gave me a good understanding of what I have to do with html. It showed me that I always have to close a command if you start one, and different tips like that.

Overall, my experience with making a webpage was pretty good, because it gave me a starting point on how to make something. I was able to add a title, and text on screen, now my goal is how to add color, and pictures to make the webpage look way cleaner. Making this webpage also helped me ignite a spark with coding, and now I want to learn python. I want to get into making different items, and start a business.